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Beanie Babies need a home

First Generation Beanie Babies (circa 1997-1998) Every one listed has had one home since purchase.

Lefty (elephant)
Princess (bear)
Tracker (dog)
Rocket (bird)
Halo (bear)
Chipper (squirrel)
Teddy (bear)
Mel (koala)
Holiday Bear 1998 (bear)
Pugly (dog)
Hope (bear)
Crunch (shark)
Pouch (kangaroo)
Wrinkles (dog)
Fortune (bear)
Blackie (bear)
Bongo (monkey)
Gobbles (turkey)
Luke (dog)
Signature Bear 1999 (bear)
Mac (bird)
Spunky (bird)
Quakers (duck)
Clubby (bear)
Millennium (bear)
Bruno (dog)
Puffer (toucan)
Magic (dragon)
Jake (duck)
Snort (bull)
Peppermint (bear)
Nuts (squirrell)
Glory (bear)
Wilbur (pig)
Iggy (lizard)
Doby - Teenie
Twigs - Teenie
Bones - Teenie
Nook - Teenie
Pinchers - Teenie
Antsy - Teenie
Rocket - Teenie
Claude - Teenie
Strut - Teenie
Freckles - Teenie
Smoochy - Teenie
Chip - Teenie
Nuts - Teenie
Spunky - Teenie
Iggy - Teenie
International Bears II Spangle

All have been stored in a clear plastic bag in a cool smoke free environment and excellent shape. All tags are mint and crisp.
Please let me know if you are interested. I have individual pictures if you require any additional pictures. Pictures shown are only some of the babies that need a home. Thank you for your interest.

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